Introducing Slash Commands for GitHub πŸŽ‰ #1

slash_commands_bot on 5 May

Control your GitHub Issues and Pull-Requests through slash commands in your comments.

Slash Commands allows you to perform actions such as:

  • Insert your favorite GIFs in your comments πŸ’… /giphy spider-man
  • Request reviews from your peers πŸ•ΊπŸ’ƒ /request-review @tony_stark
  • Automatically merge Pull-Requests once all checks are βœ… /merge-when-checks-green

... and much more! Curious? Give it try in the comment box below with /help

Works across all GitHub's interfaces

Wether you're working on Visual Studio Code, using GitHub's CLI tool or Web UI, you can use your favorite slash commands.

It expands GitHub's features to make you faster and more productive

On top of the standard functionality GitHub already offers, we're making it even better by adding features such as a Giphy integration and allowing you to automatically merge pull-requests when all the checks have succeeded.

Getting Started

Clicking on the button in the top right corner or type /install in your comment box and installing Slash Commands through GitHub Marketplace, simply type /help in one of your Issues/Pull-Requests and follow the instructions!